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Platinum Driving School in Education, Lessons and Courses

355 Wellington St
Unit 131A
London, Ontario    N6A 3N7

Over the past 24 years, has strived to provide Londoners with the best possible experience in Driver Education. The Results have been exceptional.

95% of collisions are caused by human error and there were over 10,000 collisions alone in London last year! We must all work together to reduce the injuries and fatalities on our roads. We can do this by setting an example for the youth as they move forward towards achieving their goals in life and driving is a large part of that.

Whether you’re a new Canadian starting a new life in this great nation, a senior struggling to retain your independence or a young Canadian trying to gain some mobility we are here to help. Patience, positive reinforcement, and encouragement are how we produce confident, cooperative, defensive drivers who strive to avoid all collisions despite the road conditions and actions of others.